History of Banak Importa

To Know Banak Importa

More than 70 years of experience in this sector place us like a leading brand in the market of natural furniture and decoration. Since 1945, our brand has evolve in unstoppable way in the production of home furniture. Since the beginning, we have bet on wide offer of product, as well as a large assortment in decoration and textile with which dream and live your home. We design and create our own pieces, made it with hardwood; this production give us a unique, personal and exclusive style.

Ecologic Commitment

1.000.000 planted trees. Our philosophy was born from absolute respect for the environment. So, we just buy wood and raw material and sawmills and woods with controlled reforestation. Furthermore, we have our own purification plant and waste materials recycled. In short, we are a green company. So much so, that we are a unique and pioneer company to plant a tree for furniture with any own benefit.

An expandig company

With more than 100 points of sale, we keep going an expansion company. Our success is based on offer to our customers a complete lifestyle in order to enjoy the home at the limit.

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